Sunday, August 7, 2011

The MIGHTY Almond

Some products I have been buying for the Endo-diet

Trader Joes' Almond butter and Almond milk

Trader Joes has quite a few things that I have been buying for my new endo-Diet and they are really tasty! I use almond milk in place of regular milk in my gluten free cereal, irish oats and other recipes and I also use rice milk as well, but NO Soy milk! Say NO to soy please!

I actually surprised myself and was quite successful with battering some fresh fish using just almond milk and then rolling it in ground up corn chips with was yummy!! I wasn't sure I could pull it off without eggs because i felt it wouldn't be sticky enough but boy I was oh so wrong, there is hope out there for us crazy diet followers! I will post the recipe soon! I also love to eat this almond butter when I am not eating organic peanut butter. You can use it the same way as peanut butter. I like to put it on my celery and on my gluten free toast...mmm yummy! I want to try it in some cookies sometime...maybe I will experiment with that on here soon! In what ways do you eat your almond butter and almond milk? Do you have any stellar recipes?

My grandfather has an almond orchard and we get a huge tin of fresh almonds every christmas. I love love love fresh almonds, they are so good for you! My grandfather has extremely good health at 85 years of age and he looks ten years younger than he really is. I keep kidding him that I think it has to do with all the almond he eats...but maybe there is some truth to that? Could the mighty almond be the hidden fountain of youth? Ponder on that one sistas!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Starting the journey turns out I have been suffering from a debilitating disease for most of my life without knowledge of what was causing me so much pain.

Photo from dailymail

I was just diagnosed with Endometriosis on June 15th after I had a laparoscopy to biopsy and hopefully remove a mass that had grown on my left ovary. Well while the good ol doc was in there..she found some ridonculous endometriosis in my pelvic area.

Photo from

Because of this lovely disease I am changing my lifestyle dramatically. I have been researching, sometimes almost all day like an endo-info addict, more natural approaches to healing (i don't want to put unwanted hormones in my body if I can help it). I will be changing my diet to help lessen the pain and growth of my Endometriosis, and hopefully boost my fertility for our future family. I will be trying to eat a soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free diet!

Wow that is a big change for me, but it turns out that soy, most of all, makes this disease worse. I hope to post on here about my journey with endometriosis as often as I can. I hope to post lots of endo-friendly recipes and info that I think is helpful. I hope you will join me on my journey endo the wild world that is Endometriosis. In some small way maybe I can help someone else out there living with this disease and reach out to my Endo sisters!

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